terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are available in german at https://www.serfaus.online/AGB.

Our terms are based on the general terms for the Austrian Hotel Industry you can find translated into several languages here:


Update 1.2.2022:
In addition to our standard cancellation policy we’re fully refunding deposits and void cancellation fees in case of a general border closing due to a pandemic or in case the resort is completely closed because of a pandemic.

Our standard cancellation policy is as following – we’ve modified this from the standard general terms:

  • cancellation policy
    As holidays are usually planned a long time before the actual vacation, sometimes a year before and more, chances of renting out the apartment just prior to a planned date are significantly lower. Thus we’ve come to the following cancellation policy, which we think is fair. If you plan on cancelling, please help us by cancelling as soon as possible giving us time to rent out the rooms again.
    Cancellation prior to 3 months of your arrival date is free of charge. Any party (you, the booking guest or us) can cancel the booking for any reason before that point in time and any prepayments will be payed back without any charge.
    If you cancel after that, a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.
    However, we’ll try to rent out the rooms again immediately through all channels and if successfull we’ll deduct the income generated from that from your total price which might reduce your cancellation fee significantly.
    Thus the cancellation fee is at maximum 100%, if we’re lucky you’ll only be charged with an administrative fee of 80€. The local tax will be refunded no matter what. The refund will be payed back after payment has been received from the new guests.
    Please note that in order to maximize booking chances we might have to allow for booking of less number of days or pay higher commission charges to booking websites which might also lessen the amount generated.
  • checkin and checkout times (checkin 16:00, checkout 09:30)
  • payment terms (payment in advance via IBAN bank transfer)